M7 GPS Remote rafmagnskerra

Sú fyrsta með GPS og fjarstýringu

249.900 kr.

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M7 GPS Remote er ný rafmagnskerra með fjarstýringu og innbyggðu GPS. Hún er fyrsta rafmagnskerran með fjarstýringu, 3,5″snertiskjá og GPS með yfir 40.000 golfvöllum. Stórglæsileg kerra í alla staði.

Hún er með DHC (downhill control) sjálfvirkri bremsu í niðurhalla.

Hægt er að sjá hleðslu á rafhlöðu á skjá og einnig hleðslu á fjarstýringu.

36 holu rafhlaða (28V)


NEW M7 GPS Electric Trolley

Offering the ultimate in responsive control, the all-new M7 GPS is the World’s first remote-controlled touchscreen electric trolley featuring quick and accurate fully integrated high-performance GPS for over 40,000 worldwide courses, smartphone notifications, plus access to the cellular-powered Performance Plan upgrade.

  • Rechargeable remote-control handset
    Ergonomic design that can be conveniently attached to the trolley frame
  •  Forward, left, right & reverse controls
    Ultra-responsive handset buttons make trolley handling instinctive
  •  Crystal clear 3.5” LCD touchscreen display
    High resolution & responsive in all weather conditions
  •  High-performance fully-integrated GPS
    Convenient, accurate, & removes the need for external GPS devices
  •  40,000 pre‑loaded courses
    Automatically finds local courses in seconds
  •  Front, middle & back of green distances, plus hazards
    Quickly access all the information you need to plan your next shot
  •  Dynamic green view
    Green map updates to display the shape of the hole being played
  •  Drag & drop pin positioning
    Move the on-screen flag position for accurate shot planning
  •  Smartphone notifications*
    Optional alerts include calls, texts, emails & apps including Facebook & Whatsapp
  •  Score tracking
    A handy on-screen scorecard helps golfers track their round
  • Shot distance measurement
    Provides golfers with valuable distance data
  • Automatic Downhill Control
    Allows the trolley to maintain a constant speed when moving down a gradient
  • All terrain DHC tyres
    With anti-skid tread to tackle all types of ground with ease
  • Easy manual control mode
    Instantly switch to handle control when preferred
  • Removable anti-tip rear wheel
    Keeps the trolley stable through rough terrain and course undulations
  • USB charging port
    Ideal for charging any USB-powered device while you play
  • Remote handset lock function
    Ensures the handset does not get engaged accidentally
  • FREE 12-month Performance Plan trial
    Harnesses in-built cellular connectivity to offer real-time data access & enhanced GPS functionality – LEARN MORE
  • EASILOCK™ compatible
    Securely attach your Motocaddy golf bag without a lower bag strap

*Compatible smartphone with app required

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