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Nett og góð hlíf til að nota yfir skjáinn á GPS rafmagnskerrunni sem veitir vörn gegn hnjaski í bílnum eða geymslunni.


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GPS Handle Cover

Manufactured from impact resistant Neoprene, the GPS Handle Cover provides increased protection during trolley storage and transportation. The super-soft form-fitting material helps reduce accidental scratches and knocks to the handle unit and screen.

A secure velcro latch ensures the cover is simple to attach and remove from the trolley handle. When not in use, the cover’s small and lightweight material means it can be easily stored inside your golf bag during a round.


  • Form-fitting Neoprene material
  • Protection for trolley transportation & storage
  • Helps reduce scratches & impact damage
  • Quick removal velcro strap
  • Snug-fit to trolley handle
  • Compatible with M5 GPS & M5 GPS DHC electric trolley models

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